Our Products

There are a lot of imitation Totron light bars out there, don't be fooled by them. 

You will often find re-branding (same light bar found here) with another companies name followed by a ridiculous markup. Products are shipped directly from the factory to me.

The goal here is simply to bring you a quality light at reasonable price.


All lights are sold new and come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.


This site was created with the hopes of offering an affordable alternative to your off-road / outdoor lighting needs.  My name is Chris and I am the sales, marketing, complaints, PR, technical support and anything else guy involved with this site.

For those of you who are local (Anchorage, AK) - I'll do my darnedest to get the best prices I can without that oh so often price gouging that happens when it comes time to checkout.

For those of you who are not local, you're in luck!  Because I too, will do the best I can to offer affordable lighting, even if it comes to you from way up north.  Additionally, you'll get a package from Alaska...how cool is that?!

If there is something I don't have please email me, it'll only take me a week to land the items you're looking for.